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Kat Barlow – The Dance Stuff Diva herself

The Dance Stuff Diva is a blog that is a resource for all things dance shoes, apparel, and accessories!  We’re here with tips, tricks, product reviews, comparisons, and so much more!

Why read this blog?  We do our best to give only positive, objective, and constructive criticism for the products.  Things that it’s really hard to argue on – such as this color is lighter than this one.  This product fits this type of body or foot better.  And so on. Almost like a “Consumer Reports” for dance stuff! Since we like just about every product we get to review – this is the best way we figured this blog could be of value to you.  (side note – we don’t own or are affiliated with the wonderful Consumer Reports magazine.  Go read them – they’ve got good stuff too!)

Our thoughts and personal experiences are just that – ours!  When we’ve worn, fitted, or danced in something personally, we’ll tell you that up front.  We also welcome friendly constructive criticism and factual error corrections.  If you’ve got experience with a product – tell us!  Tell us why you did or didn’t like it… and please be specific as to why!

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