Who are you?

We’re a dance wear resource blog.  Doesn’t matter if you own a store, are a dancer, a parent of a dancer, or just plain ol’ bored (at 2am…or 4am)… if you want third-party/unaffiliated knowledge and reviews of dance stuff… you’ve come to the right place!

Who all writes?

Kat – the Dance Stuff Diva herself

Kat Barlow (owner & author) – has worked in various dance stores for 10+ years and then decided to open her own store until life happened and kids decided to occupy more of her time.

How did we come up with the name “Dance Stuff Diva”?

Well it’s actually kind of a play on words.  If you met Kat – she’s not really a “diva”.  Jeans and long sleeve shirt (and no makeup) is more her style.  “Easy” might be a better word.  She thought that having “diva” in the name was a funny way of poking a little fun at herself.  🙂  That said – she does know her stuff.  So if “diva” means “know your stuff”…. or at least not be afraid to go ask and find out…. then yeah.  That sums up Kat more accurately than the usual meaning of “diva”.


Where are you?

Our authors are located all over the United States. But we’re primarily based in Arkansas.


What’s your writing policies?

Our aim is for objective and constructive criticism.  Kind of like a “consumer reports” for dance stuff. However – we still have our own opinions (and they are ours – not a company’s!).

Posting schedule is several times a week – and we aim for daily.  Sometimes that happens, sometimes we post several posts in the same day.


Can I buy the products from you?

It’s on the “to-do” list…eventually….sometime….maybe!

Until we get our webstore up and fully running, please support your local dance store!  If you don’t have one – we’re happy to connect you with one!


I sell/make dance wear.  How can I contact you to write something for us?

Email us or leave a comment.  We’ll do our best to get back to you within 24 hours (life dependent though!).