Pillows for Pointe Demi-Gel Digital Tube



Pillows for Pointes Demi-Gel Digital Tube

Product Type:  Pointe Shoe Accessories

Brand:  Pillows for Pointes

Style Name:  Demi-Gel Digital Tube

Style Number(s):  PFP15

MSRP:  $6.95*

Colors Available:  One Color

Sizes Available:  One Size

Manufacturer Description:

  • Elastic fabric with gel strip inside
  • Reduces pressure
  • Suitable for any small toe
  • Cut to size as needed
  • Hand wash and air dry

Manufacturer Website:   http://pillowsforpointes.com/

Kat’s Thoughts: 

Ya know… I’ve always liked Pillows.  Tony (the owner) holds a very special place in my heart!  So I really do enjoy reviewing his products.  Mainly because he always has a smile for us and he’s just a really good guy.  🙂

So these are mostly similar to Bunheads/Capezio’s product Jelly Toes.  Key word… *mostly*.

So these are the SAME length (3″ or 7.6cm for metric) and the SAME concept (single strip of gel on half of an elasticized tube casing).

So how are these different?  The Pillows gel is softer AND “squishier” than the Bunheads.  It’s also about a millimeter or two thicker on visual inspection (and no – I didn’t go find my calipers to measure if there actually *is* a difference.  Just looking at it – seems to be slightly thicker).  Now let’s be clear – both products are really quite good.  But in pointe shoes – where millimeters matter – sometimes you need that extra teeny tiny bit of padding between some sensitive little toesies!

Let’s talk use-case.  Since these only have gel on half of the tube – these little puppies are quite happy between toes.  Me personally?  I didn’t like using them on the outside of my pinky toe (I actually preferred the ever-so-slightly-thinner Jelly Toes) – but I really liked them between my toes to pad a little extra for those super long rehearsals.  A 3″ tube usually yielded me at least 2 (and sometimes 3 – depending on which toes I needed padding) sleeves to use.  I also usually put a single piece of tape over the ends and toe tips so that they’d stay in place better… but that’s my own preference.  🙂

I had friends who would make them into better toe covers by cutting each tube in to two pieces and then making a small slice (not a full opening) down each side of the gel so part of the tube would sit where the toes join the rest of the foot.  Pretty smart – since I did the same thing with my big toe protectors!

Washing these – sure!  Do it by hand and let air dry.  I also recommend keeping them in a small amount of baby power to help keep the stick and stink factors down.

Oh and other cool thing?  These are often a tiny bit cheaper than their competitor’s.

If you have a severe latex allergy – I’d STRONGLY avoid these.  There is a significant amount of latex in the elasticized tube and I would suggest using other products instead of this.

Sizing Info:  These are one size.  About 3″ long – so you can trim them down.


Material/Content:  Silicone Gel and elasticizied fabric material tube

Intro Date:  Unknown

Discontinue Date:  –

*A note about prices – while the MSRP is listed – it is just that.  Please remember that your local dance store also has to cover shipping costs, lights, rent, other utilities, and oh yeah – HUMANS!  When you go into a local dance store – please realize that you are possibly paying a premium for their expertise, knowledge, and having (most) products there on hand.  That’s not cheap.  Please don’t go “window shopping” there only to save a few bucks.  Especially on products under $100, it’s really not worth it.  Support your local store. Please.  When you do, you validate why we have physical stores and why we, as store owners, dedicate ourselves to providing you with products and knowledge we can stand behind.

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