Capezio Freeform Shoes


Capezio Freeform Ballet Shoes

Product Type:  Ballet Flats / Jazz Shoes / Hybrid

Brand:  Capezio

Style Name:  Freeform

Style Number(s):  FF01/FF01A

MSRP:  $45.00*

Colors Available:  Black, Caramel, Light Pink

Sizes Available:

Black and Caramel:  Adult 4-14 Medium and Wide.

Light Pink:  Adult 4-10 Medium and Wide


Manufacturer Description:

Feel free to dance any form of dance in these versatile ballet shoes. Soft leather molds to your foot as the mesh hugs every contour. Along with suede sole patches and a low profile, the Freeform allows you to feel the floor and show your foot to its greatest potential. A completely elasticized top line, no drawstrings, and added dual placement elastic help secure the shoe.

  • Upper constructed with soft durable sheep skin glove leather and Nylon/Lycra® Spandex
  • Split sole
  • Suede sole patches contoured and cushioned for comfort
  • Plush elastic topline keeps the shoe from gapping while articulating the foot
  • No drawstring or adjustment required
  • 5/8″ one-sided plush elastic is attached and can be placed on the heel or over the instep
  • Patented PowerPointe Construction® and seamless, powermesh arch removes excess material from the arch
  • Begin with street shoe size
  • Men 2 sizes up


Manufacturer Website:

Kat’s Thoughts: 

This shoe is interesting…. the predecessor (if memory serves correctly) was the Z11 Fizzion shoe (discontinued a few years ago though).  The Z11 took the thought of a ballet shoe, a jazz shoe, a sock, and a foot undeez shoe, threw them into a blender, and came out with a true “hybrid” shoe.  The Freeform follows a similar path!

The Freeform’s leather is glove and “buddah” (butter… with an accent) soft!  The leather happily conforms to the foot and is fairly thin.  The fabric inserts also allow the shoe to stretch without bunching and is a supremely flexible shoe.  There’s no “hard” heel or really stiff surface in this shoe. The seaming on this shoe is stretchy fabric and is seamed so that even those of us who aren’t blessed with crazy amazing arches – this shoe will give the illusion of something there! The suede sole is great for turners and I think it’s a good shoe for the “bunheads” who happen to need a different shoe for a performance.  It is easy to switch between the feel of a “regular” ballet shoe and this shoe seamlessly.

The suede on the inside of the heel is quite soft and holds onto heels well – which is a particularly great thing when you realize that the back of this shoe is comparatively low cut (much closer to a ballet shoe).  The elastic isn’t scratchy and quite soft against the foot.  The down side of that “plushieness” on both the elastic and the suede is that suede likes to hold onto odors.  Just a fair warning.  Airing out the shoes definitely help with that issue though!

The black is well, black.  The light pink is what I’d almost consider a pale ivory match (better for the very pale amongst us).  The caramel isn’t a darker brown though.  While it’s very pretty – I think it’s a little lighter than some of their other caramel colored shoes.

But that all said… this shoe traded off durability for the sleek look.  It just doesn’t hold up as well as most other shoes out there.  Unlike many other shoes – the flooring factor doesn’t play much into account.  As in – it really doesn’t matter what type of flooring you’re dancing on – this shoe will still tear easier (as compared to other shoes).  The leather and fabric choices that make this shoe so beautifully sleek – just don’t hold up well to repeatedly hard wear.  Another thing – in this shoe – it’s absolutely IMPERATIVE to keep toe nails trimmed shorter and filed well.  Because this leather is just THAT soft/thin.  You may find yourself going through these pairs much more rapidly than you do with your other dance shoes.

All in all – very durable?  No, not really.  Beautiful, sleek, makes feet and leg lines look brilliantly beautiful?  Yes.  All over YES!


Sizing Info:  Generally – these have been very small as compared to the recommendation on fitting same as street shoe.  I’d strongly recommend (for ladies) fit 1.5-2 sizes up from your street shoe.  Men – add 3-4 sizes!  These do run small and narrower (compared to most of Capezio’s other shoes).

Material/Content:  Leather, fabric, elastic

Intro Date:  I think it was around 2012/2013…

Discontinue Date:  n/a

Other Notes:  It’s a pretty popular shoe – so Capezio usually keeps them pretty well instock. However – peak times do happen and if they’re out – try a different combination of size/width. (eg if you’re usually a 7 wide, try a 7.5 medium).

*A note about prices – while the MSRP is listed – it is just that.  Please remember that your local dance store also has to cover shipping costs, lights, rent, other utilities, and oh yeah – HUMANS!  When you go into a local dance store – please realize that you are possibly paying a premium for their expertise, knowledge, and having (most) products there on hand.  That’s not cheap.  Please don’t go “window shopping” there only to save a few bucks.  Especially on products under $100, it’s really not worth it.  Support your local store. Please.  When you do, you validate why we have physical stores and why we, as store owners, dedicate ourselves to providing you with products and knowledge we can stand behind.

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