Dance Class Modelo Shoes


Dance Class Modelo Shoes

Product Type:  Ballet Flats / Jazz Shoes / Hybrid

Brand:  Dance Class by Trimfoot

Style Name:  Modelo

Style Number(s):  MD100/101 (Black)  MD200/201 (Caramel)

MSRP:  $35.00*

Colors Available:  Black, Caramel

Sizes Available:

Youth 1 to 4 and Adult 5 to 12 (Whole sizes only. One width)


Manufacturer Description:

Our Modelo is constructed of soft leather and spandex for a snug fit. It also features suede sole patches and an elastic heel strap, making it a great choice for ballet, jazz, lyrical, modern and contemporary dance.


Manufacturer Website:

Kat’s Thoughts: 

I like this shoe… I’d almost consider it a more durable version of the popular Capezio Freeform shoe (and a little bit less expensive too)!

The leather and the fabric both feel thicker (and subsequently more durable) and it’s not as “soft” of leather as the Freeform is.

The shoe is a matte finish and has lycra spandex in the “stripes” of the shoe.  There’s actual elastic for the seaming (not elasticized fabric) on the outside of the shoe and there’s also elastic all around the foot opening of the shoe.

The caramel on this shoe is a darker – more of a suntan – caramel.

The shoe fits wide but runs generally pretty true to street shoe sizing.  These do not come in half widths.  There is some “play” in sizing especially if you have narrow to medium width in feet (try a size down for narrow feet).  The fabric also allows for a bit more “growing” or “stretch” room in this shoe than a regular jazz shoe.

This shoe (because customers have said it’s more durable) is a great practice shoe – especially if you need or want to use the Freeform for performances.  It’s (anecdotally) a longer lasting shoe than the Freeform and held up decently on carpet (although they would still tear – it just wouldn’t tear as fast as many other shoes would).  It also looks pretty good on most feet.  I really liked fitting boys/men in this shoe because I think the way it’s cut fits better on that type of foot (the men I fit typically had a longer, wider metatarsal with a lower instep).

Sizing Info:  Generally – these have been true to street shoe (US ladies).  They do run on the wider side.  Men fit up 1-2 sizes from street shoe.

Material/Content:  Leather, fabric, elastic

Intro Date:  I think it was around 2013… but really not sure.

Discontinue Date:  n/a

*A note about prices – while the MSRP is listed – it is just that.  Please remember that your local dance store also has to cover shipping costs, lights, rent, other utilities, and oh yeah – HUMANS!  When you go into a local dance store – please realize that you are possibly paying a premium for their expertise, knowledge, and having (most) products there on hand.  That’s not cheap.  Please don’t go “window shopping” there only to save a few bucks.  Especially on products under $100, it’s really not worth it.  Support your local store. Please.  When you do, you validate why we have physical stores and why we, as store owners, dedicate ourselves to providing you with products and knowledge we can stand behind.

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