Sansha Pro 1C Canvas Ballet Shoes

Sansha Pro 1C Canvas Ballet Shoes

Product Type:  Ballet Flats

Brand:  Sansha

Style Name:  Pro 1C

Style Number(s):  1C

MSRP:  $22.00*

Colors Available:  Pink, Black, White, Flesh/Light Tan (caramel color), Dark Grey, Light Grey

Sizes Available:

Sansha 2 (child 12.5) to Sansha 20 (adult 18.5)

Widths: NN, N, M, W, X

Upper: Canvas

Split sole: Leather

Manufacturer Description:

“Pro” 1C
– The original split-sole since 1986.
– Hand stitched sole construction.
– No external stitching. Pre-curved front sole.
– 2 layers of strong canvas upper.
– Foam protection pad at the heel. Pre-sewn elastics

The Pro Original split-sole for men, women and children

Front sole hand-stitched for a perfect fit

Manufacturer’s Website:

Kat’s Thoughts:

This is one of the most popular “original” canvas ballet shoes.  In fact – until I was about 13 – I didn’t *know* other brands/models/makes of canvas ballet shoes existed (I’ll blame it on pre-teenage oblivousness… but that’s me).

These are very comfortable canvas ballet shoes.  They aren’t “stretch” but are still very flattering on the foot.  These take dye/foundation very nicely and won’t break the bank especially if you’re on a budget.  It’s definitely a “tried-and-true” shoe for me.

Even though canvas shoes *can* be washed – this particular shoe didn’t wash very nicely.  They do tend to shrink significantly when washed.  And the linings (glued in, not sewn) would come out easier.

I actually used to wash all of my canvas Sansha shoes that were brand new (I only wore Sansha back then)?  Why?  I was between sizes.  So I always bought UP a size in these shoes – knowing that they’d shrink a bit when I washed them.  Once I wore them to dry-ness – they molded dang near perfectly to my feet!  Took a bit longer and I KNEW going into the shoe washing that I’d need them big for that reason!  If I didn’t have time or wasn’t able to get the size I usually wore – I went down a size and called it done.

If you do need to wash them (for “normal” reasons – not to shrink them) – I’d wash them (cold, super gentle/by hand) and AIR DRY them.  If possible – wear them when they’re slightly damp so that they don’t shrink up too much.

Wear time on these though was only about 4-8 weeks before wear started showing.  While I and the other ladies in my class considered it a badge of well-deserved honor…. well… we couldn’t have very obviously worn shoes for performances. We would try to keep the holes trimmed (always a good idea) though for class… but 6 to 7 days of dancing a week would go through these.  Compared to other canvas shoes that I’ve worn since then, I think I’d rank these as a trade off between comfort & price… to durability.  I think that the price on these is on par with the durability that I expected from them – I didn’t expect them to last me the whole year or even the whole semester.  But on ballet shoes – I was always and probably will always be – fairly hard on them (plus I personally like the feeling of “just broken in” ballet shoes).  I think most other canvas shoes I can probably get 8-10 weeks out of instead of the 4-8 weeks I’d get out of my Sanshas.  However – my washing prior to wear definitely took out a significant chunk of the life from the shoes.  But that’s my experience with wearing and dancing in the shoes.  They’re definitely still one of my favorites.

I think these shoes do run wide and a little long.  They do not come in half sizes, and Sansha has it’s own sizing chart/system that I have copied below.  They do come in a HUGE range of sizes and widths- which would be very convenient for dance troupes and companies looking for everyone to be in the same shoe.  And a $22 suggested retail price is (in my opinion) very very reasonable for these shoes.

I’ve really liked that they’ve come out with a lower-vamp version of this classic hit.  The sample I got was too big for me – but I’ll put up a post tomorrow comparing the “standard” 1C with the low vamp version (the Sansha Performance Pro11C) and my review of the Pro11C too.

The “flesh” color is a fairly darker caramel tan.  It compliments most other companies shades of “caramel” and “tan”.  The pink is a light shade of baby-flesh pink (not pinky pink) that compliments most shades of pink tights.

In general, the stock on this shoe, particularly in pink, black, and white have been pretty good at Sansha.  Particularly in the “usual” widths.  Other colors/sizes/width combos vary.  If you want a particular color/size/width combo and they’re out – try either a size up or a width difference.  If you get a wider or larger shoe – it is possible to wash and slightly shrink the shoe.  However this does take a little life out of the shoes.

Sizing Info:  Sansha has it’s own sizes.  I’ve copied them below for easy reference (but the format didn’t translate nicely).

Sizing guide for ballet slippers:  (link:

Sansha size 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
EU size 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 40.5 41 42 43 44 44.5 45 46 47 48
US size C11.5 C12.5 1.5 2.5 3.5 4.5 5.5 6.5 7.5 8.5 9.5 10.5 11.5 12.5 13.5 14.5 15.5 16.5 17.5 18.5
UK size C12.5 C13.5 1 2 2.5 3.5 4 5 5.5 6.5 7.5 8 9 9.5 10.5 11 12 13 14 14.5

Material/Content:  Canvas with cotton lining and elastic drawstring and leather pads.  Two pieces of 1/2″ elastic are either sewn at just the heel or pre-sewn fully.

Intro Date:  Unknown

Discontinue Date:  –

Other Notes: –
*A note about prices – while the MSRP is listed – it is just that.  Please remember that your local dance store also has to cover shipping costs, lights, rent, other utilities, and oh yeah – HUMANS!  When you go into a local dance store – please realize that you are possibly paying a premium for their expertise, knowledge, and having (most) products there on hand.  That’s not cheap.  Please don’t go “window shopping” there only to save a few bucks.  Especially on products under $100, it’s really not worth it.  Support your local store. Please.  When you do, you validate why store owners have physical stores and why they dedicate themselves to providing you with products and knowledge we can stand behind.

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