Bunheads Hair Pins


Bunheads Hair Pins

Product Type:  Hair Accessories

Brand:  Bunheads (owned by Capezio)

Style Name:  –

Style Number(s):  

BH434, BH 435, BH436, BH437, BH438, BH439, BH440, BH441, BH442

MSRP:  $6.50-7.50*

Colors Available:  Blonde (BLD), Brown (BRN), and Black (BLK)

Sizes Available:

2″, 2.5″, 3″

Manufacturer Description:

  • Super heavyweight hairpins specifically designed for dancers
  • One pin does the job of several ‘ordinary’ hairpins
  • 12 per package

Manufacturer’s Website: http://www.capezio.com/accessories/bunheads/hairpins-6

Kat’s Thoughts:

Bunheads’ hair pins aren’t like the ones you get in the aisle of your favorite box mart.  These sturdy and strong hairpins are simply fabulous!  Bunheads claim that one of their pins typically replaces several “normal” pins seems to be true (haven’t heard anyone tell us otherwise).  These pins are great for all types of hair and aren’t flimsy or easily bent. They do come pre-bent with a wave in the middle to help hold hair well.  By far and above–our favorite and go-to hair item.  They come in short (2″), medium (2.5″), and long lengths (3″) in blonde, brown, and black. The medium length works best across the board, with the smaller pins working great for shorter or very fine hair.  The large pins work great if you have a lot of hair or it’s very thick.  Speaking from experience–these pins work great on my 7 year old (and it usually only takes 3-4 pins to make a full bun with her).

Sizing Info:  If in doubt – go with the 2.5″ pins unless you’ve got really long (waist or longer  OR you’ve got super thick hair) or really short (under shoulder length or super fine) hair

Material/Content:  Steel

Intro Date:  Unknown

Discontinue Date:  n/a

Other Notes:  One pin generally holds the same as 3-5 bobby pins.

*A note about prices – while the MSRP is listed – it is just that.  Please remember that your local dance store also has to cover shipping costs, lights, rent, other utilities, and oh yeah – HUMANS!  When you go into a local dance store – please realize that you are possibly paying a premium for their expertise, knowledge, and having (most) products there on hand.  That’s not cheap.  Please don’t go “window shopping” there only to save a few bucks.  Especially on products under $100, it’s really not worth it.  Support your local store. Please.  When you do, you validate why we have physical stores and why we, as store owners, dedicate ourselves to providing you with products and knowledge we can stand behind.

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